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Finding Jesus in Every Turn

About Us

The Multicultural Christian Church Sunday School program is designed to help kids grow in Christ as well to support their skill development. Sunday school kids are provided opportunity every Sunday to showcase their talents in worshiping our living Lord. This approach not only builds their relationship with the Lord but also grows their leadership abilities. 

Sunday School Ministry

Praise and Worship Ministry

Multicultural Christian Church's worship team is a team of thriving young adults who are energetic, full of life and committed to serving the Lord. This talented team continually enhances its abilities and works towards making a difference in people's lives through singing and worshiping. This team is expert at modern and contemporary English songs as well as traditional Hindi songs. If you are looking for a lively music,  praise and worship, please feel free to visit us. 

Marraige Preparation

Marriage is an important milestore in our young adult lives. Musticultural Christian Church pastors prepare our Young adults through sessions where young adults are taught how to live a godly married live. 

Pastoral Support

Multicultural Christian Church pastors offer superior pastoral and prayer support in your good and rough times. Pastors make themselves available at any time any place in Edmonton with matter of minutes whether its someone's baby shower, house warming, marriage, birthday celebrations, illness, hospitalization, death, funeral etc. In addition, the Lead Pastor also offers community services such as commissioner of oath, helping newcomers settle in Edmonton etc.  

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